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Cardytoons murals at Donvale Primary School. Spray paint and brush outlines.

Looking for a mural artist to brighten up your walls? Paint brushes are ready to go!!! Add colourful characters, sports activity walls, school values and educational themes to TRANSFORM YOUR SCHOOL !


Murals can be done on most surfaces - indoor and outdoor such as plaster, brick, aluminium portable walls, rendered concrete and poly tanks. Acrylic outdoor low sheen paints are used in ,most cases, high gloss enamel or digital laminated prints can be supplied on aluminium comp-panel. Spray paints are used when appropriate.


Each mural is an original concept to suit the school environment such as having characters with the colours of the school uniforms.


When working on school murals, students can participate in the process of design ideas and also painting the wall. This is a great experience for them and they will always carry a sense of pride and ownership of the artwork.


Mural artwork featured in the photo album are in primary schools, play centres, dance schools, sports centres, cafes and other businesses.


Contact Cardy today for more information regarding pricing and ideas to get your project off the ground and on to your wall.

Hundreds of students take turns to paint at Patterson Lakes Primary School.


Brett began the journey as a mural artist in 1990 on a shop window of his local town in Whittlesea Victoria. Since he has worked with many businesses on their shop fronts and side walls, schools, playcentres and local councils.


Cardytoons is available when you need a mural artist for your indoor or outdoor murals for playcentres, gyms, kindergartens and schools, shop fronts, community centres and sports facilities and stadiums.






Graffiti mural with Hastings VCAL students.

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Cartoon workshops and school incursions by Brett Cardwell - Cardytoons.

Located in Doreen, Victoria in the Melbourne metropolitan area, Brett (Cardy) is available for school workshops in cartooning, illustrations, comics, caricatures, animation, stop motion / clay-mation. Cardytoons can work as an artist in residence. Professional mural artist, animator and video production for training videos, info-videos, advertising, commercials for websites and tv, caricatures on the spot, caricaturist for corporate events, and caricatures as gifts for staff and students.

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