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caricature artist at your event...



Looking for a cartoon portrait / caricature of yourself, your staff, your students, or as a gift?


How about caricatures on the spot for your next corporate event? Metro Melbourne based events starting at $400. Also available for country and interstate areas too.


One of Cardy’s SPECIALTIES is CARICATURES. And there are plenty of options.


★On the spot with pencil, pen and shading (b&w) or colour pastels A4 or A3 size starting at $10 each at your school graduation, school fete or event.


★Hand drawn B&W or Colour caricatures A4, A3 or custome sizes done with pen and watercolour pencils or pastels starting at $40 each.


★Photoshop coloured caricature file emailed to you as a jpeg for web and pdf file for print on A4,A3 or poster sizes starting at $70 each.


Email for a quote and send through your photos.


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Cartoon workshops and school incursions by Brett Cardwell - Cardytoons.

Located in Doreen, Victoria in the Melbourne metropolitan area, Brett (Cardy) is available for school workshops in cartooning, illustrations, comics, caricatures, animation, stop motion / clay-mation. Cardytoons can work as an artist in residence. Professional mural artist, animator and video production for training videos, info-videos, advertising, commercials for websites and tv, caricatures on the spot, caricaturist for corporate events, and caricatures as gifts for staff and students.

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