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Kids love animation. So why not try a Cardytoons animation / stop-motion / clay-mation workshop incursion at your school or college? There's just something about kids seeing their characters come to life in an animation. And what a great way for them not only to have a blast, but give them a topical theme to work on and it becomes a really fun learning environment.


Technology now enables us to use digital cameras, fantastic software, ipads and apps to create amazing videos and animations at a very affordable price. Cardy will bring some equipment and also work with what your school already has.




Students will learn the art of visual story telling with creating a script, storyboarding, modelling and motion, camera work, audio and editing.


Whether it's plasticine modelling or 2D drawing, brace yourself for one very cool lesson in animation!



2D Animated video for



Cardytoons offers professional 2D animation and info videos for web and tv commercials. For more info go to:


CONCEPT & DESIGN: Cardy helps clients choose a style from simple, contemporary or detailed 2D animation, Stop motion plasticine models or photo puppets and helps bring their stories and ideas to life! Characters will take shape and develop personality to tell the story.


STORY BOARD ART: Fast as! Sketching up the script into a sequence to tell the story. It becomes a graphic novel, a visual work flow that will give a clear guide to the final. Paper or paperless art using Toon Boom Story Board Pro.


AUDIO PRODUCTION: Cardytoons can produce professional royalty free music, sound FX and voice overs too. This will be used in a draft animation of the story board and the final product.


FINAL ANIMATION: Ready to roll in 4K videos, Full HD for TV or Web. We are set to go using Toon Boom Harmony - the industry standard for 2D animation studios.


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Cartoon workshops and school incursions by Brett Cardwell - Cardytoons.

Located in Doreen, Victoria in the Melbourne metropolitan area, Brett (Cardy) is available for school workshops in cartooning, illustrations, comics, caricatures, animation, stop motion / clay-mation. Cardytoons can work as an artist in residence. Professional mural artist, animator and video production for training videos, info-videos, advertising, commercials for websites and tv, caricatures on the spot, caricaturist for corporate events, and caricatures as gifts for staff and students.

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