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See Cardy in action during a Christmas presentation.

Brett (Cardy) grew up on a farm near Whittlesea in Victoria.  From a little tacker he was inspired by “Footrot Flats” - the sheep dog comics by New Zealand cartoionist Murray Ball.  Also reading “Mad” magazines and wartching clasic cartons such the “Bugs Bunny Show”, "The Flinstones", "Roger Ramjet" (to name a few). He loved drawing his favourite characters back then and he hasn’t put a pencil down since !


He illustrated his first book during high school and became a regular cartoonist for “Hoofs and Horns” magazine followed by working as the cartoonist for the Seymour Telegraph in the

early ’90’s.


In 1994 he began travelling to outback communities and schools, telling cartoon stories on a white board. This extended to orphanages and communities overseas, where pictures told a thousand words - in any language! Brett continues his visual communication through cartoons and animation in many different venues, kids camps and concerts.


He has worked for more than 25 years in free-lance cartooning, art, graphics and animation for many businesses across Australia including the NAB, VACC, Sydney’s Furniture, and illustrations for the International Cricket Council (ICC).


Working in schools is one of his biggest passions as he gets to watch kids become excited about their own drawing and take on positive attitudes to enjoy art and be passionate at the things they love to do.


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Cartoon workshops and school incursions by Brett Cardwell - Cardytoons.

Located in Doreen, Victoria in the Melbourne metropolitan area, Brett (Cardy) is available for school workshops in cartooning, illustrations, comics, caricatures, animation, stop motion / clay-mation. Cardytoons can work as an artist in residence. Professional mural artist, animator and video production for training videos, info-videos, advertising, commercials for websites and tv, caricatures on the spot, caricaturist for corporate events, and caricatures as gifts for staff and students.

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